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Make poverty quieter, make Bono history. Caution: Naughty words

Mr B. Ono-Twat

This is one of my old stock images of Bono. It’s still VERY relevant

I’ve lost count how many Bono rants I’ve done, but I make no apologies as the twat winds me right up and I’m going to fire another one at you. I hate the bastard. The man is a conceited, fraudulent, hypocritical cunt as far as I’m concerned and it would appear I’m not the only one. My old friend Michael refers to him as “a cunt” and I’ve pinched one of Michael’s quotes for the title of this piece of bollocks I’m forcing upon you.

This man, pictured here, is an activist and “global spokesperson” for ending world poverty. He has given his defence for tax avoidance in Ireland. The Irish Independent has reported that Bono has defended his band’s decision to move its publishing arm to the Netherlands because it is “inline with government policy”.

I quote “It is not an intellectually rigorous position unless you understand that at the heart of the Irish economy has always been the philosophy of tax competitiveness,” and “Tax competitiveness has taken our country out of poverty. People in the Revenue accept that if you engage in that policy then some people are going to go out, and some people are coming in. It has been a successful policy.” He also added “On the cranky left that is very annoying, I can see that. But [that] is why Ireland has stayed afloat”

FUCK OFF! So, that has nothing to do with the bailout Ireland had from the EU and IMF that was around the tune of €85 billion, then? No, God, I can see it so clearly now! Get your country out of an economic disaster by fucking off and avoid paying your tax bill. Now, I don’t enjoy paying taxes any more than the next person, and yes the amount I pay is like a penny in comparison. But in the same token I’m not a multi-millionaire alleged rock star that spouts his mouth off that everyone should pay their fair share of everything and that we should end world poverty. Indeed he is a co-founder of something called the ONE Foundation which does it’s best to remind us that THERE’S POOR PEOPLE IN THE WORLD AND THAT THERE IS LOADS OF POVERTY THAT NEEDS SORTING. I’m sure he doesn’t need reminding about the report that was made public about the ONE Foundation back in 2010.

But I’ll thrown in a reminder anyway. Bono received in excess of £9.6 million in donations, yet only managed to hand out £118,000 to the relevant causes. Now, I understand with these kind of things that they are awareness schemes and not every penny goes to the selected charity and causes, but come on, it was NINE FUCKING MILLION QUID YOU TIGHT ARSED OIRISH TWAT! That works out that the good causes this foundation supports received a little over 1%. Ah! Maybe that’s why it’s called the ONE Foundation is because ONE percent is all that will be handed out to the relevant causes. Also, according to the New York Post, £5.1 million in wages were paid out. Hmmmm.

I wouldn’t have a problem so much with Bono if, firstly, he wasn’t part of an utterly underwhelming and mediocre rock band. Secondly, I cannot ever take anything seriously from someone who is basically avoiding paying tax in his own country, yet has no shame in asking other countries to get their citizens to use their own tax money to pay for issues he wants to support. And that’s after the concert tour that grossed $736,421,586. With his nett worth, he could solve most poverty problems, but he constantly gets you or I to do it rather than dipping his hand in himself. I’m not saying he should give all his money away as that would be stupid. Like it or not, he has earnt a good share of the money he has received by being in a successful (I’m not quite sure how, though) band. Fuck me, if I were in a band the size and popularity of U2, I’d want to be rich and see the cash flowing in. Yes, I would also do my bit for those less fortunate as I try to do in my own small way now. But I certainly wouldn’t preach as to who people should give their money to. However, what infuriates me most is the nice, tidy living he’s made off the back of things such as Live Aid, G8 and this ONE Foundation bollocks, as has that twat of a mate of his, Geldof. Did I mention he’s avoiding tax bills, did I mention that? Did I?

Certainly a far cry from his days of being just an anti-establishment cunt in a mediocre rock “band” who speeled socialist bollocks.Nowadays, he’s very much “the establishment” and tells us who to give our money to whilst putting on a façade that he is “the voice of the poor people”. Yeah, because preaching to an audience to give more money when they’ve spent anywhere between £70 and £100 a ticket for a fucking rock concert is fucking bang on isn’t it?

I believe at a Glasgow gig once, he started clapping and slowed it down whilst saying “every time I clap a child in Africa dies” to which someone responded with a typical Glaswegian slant of “Well fucking stop it then!” My sentiments exactly…


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