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I went on the internet and I bought this…

eBay has a lot to answer for. I looked at old bangers again. Old bangers! Only this time I’ve made a purchase, it’s mine and I pick it up tomorrow.

[Pause for first musical interlude. Always Knocking by Ian Broudie.]

The reason for looking on eBay was looking for something to replace the Punto which had failed its MoT. I couldn’t be bothered to fix it though as it needed a fair whack doing include plenty of welding so it’s been sold off to a trader so he can do it and flog it on for a profit.

So, with a very, very small budget I went on the hunt for something a wee bit different from the norm, but practical too so my fourteen month could be transported. I had an idea of what I wanted but it was finding it. Then a listing hit me out of the blue. Not literally, though. A Peugeot 205. Nothing particularly out of the norm, normally. However, this one’s a bit special if you like basic, rubbish cars like I do.

Saw the listing advertise the car as a 1987 Phase 1 205 1.0 Junior 5 door. Two owners from new, 44,000 miles from new in very good condition, long MOT, just add tax. Plus, the car was only twenty five miles away so I had to go and have a look.

[Pause for musical interlude. I’m Mandy, Fly Me by 10cc. Features my favourite middle section of a song. Ever.]

So, upon inspecting the vehicle it transpired there a few things to point out. Firstly, it would appear that the eBay photographs did this little car no justice whatsoever. Secondly, the seller was selling this car very short. Some small areas show their 25 years, others it’s like a time warp. But to say there were dents and scratches on it to signify its age is selling it far short. The rear seats have never been sat on. You could eat your dinner off the paint work (though if you did I’d fucking kill you) and I’ve seen less glare on the back of a bald man’s head than the glare coming from the gleaming engine bay. It’s not that the car has been prepared, it hasn’t. It’s just an honest, clean little car.

Like I said, it was advertised as two owners from new which the V5C confirms. It’s covered 44,000 miles from new with a plethora of history (including old MOTs) to back this up also. My test drive confirmed this also, it drives like new. The 954cc Douvrin “leanback” engine starts readily and purrs lovely, steering crisp and accurate, brakes good, gear change typically 205 and everything electric works (which on the Junior is basically just the headlights).

[Pause for another musical interlude. Edge of Glory. Laydee Gargar.]

So because of all that, I bought it. Not for nostalgia as I passed my driving test in a 205. Partly because there are only twenty odd Juniors with the leanback engine and wanted to give it a good home. Partly because the car has a sparkling, endearing character. Partly because it’s a nice example. Partly because I needed a car. All because of eBay.

I was supposed to be picking it up today, however because of the insurance company being a complete twattish bunch of incompetant, rude, unhelpful bellends, that didn’t happen, so tomorrow it is. I’m excited! I can’t wait, it’s like the night before Christmas and like a child I won’t be able to sleep. Goodnight all. It’s going to be a long one.

[Ending on Slipknot’s Psychosocial]

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