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A lot can happen in a year, you know!

A year seems like an awfully long time. Three hundred and sixty-five days. Literally some time longer if it happens to be one of those pesky little leap year wassanames. My way of gauging years though has changed throughout time. Whereby most people would rely on the fact that New Years Eve and New Years Day are generally the accepted time to greet the arrival of a new year, generally mine would be the last weekend in March. Why? Because that is when my kitchen clock can begin to tell the correct time again. That’s my new year, when British Summertime (haaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh. Erm…) arrives. It’s only because I can never be arsed to change the thing back and forth. For the record, my kitchen clock was one of the first things Jayne bought me, and it appeals to my motoring nerdiness. It’s an alloy wheel and tyre with a drilled, ventilated brake disc, calipers and pads behind it. It’s awesome, get over it!

However, this is about to change. In a little over a days time, it will be my sons’ first birthday. One year old. Crikey! A lot of things have happened in the last twelve months. Other than the blindingly obvious fact that my wife gave birth to a cracking little boy, quite a turn of events happened. I jacked in a job as an aftersales manager at a car dealership to sell architectural ironmongery at a local family owned, erm, architectural ironmongery firm owned by friends of me and my family. It’s brilliant and I have never looked back. I sacrificed my beloved Fiat Stilo as it was totally impractical and bought a slightly knackered Punto five door, which despite its faults (of which there are many) is a likeable little machine. I even borrowed Jayne’s Corsa for a while and I liked it! What’s going on?

Leo, and us obviously, spent a fabulous Christmas and New Year with Jayne’s family. Leo spent most of his first Christmas playing with wrapping paper and not much else, despite being spoilt rotten with many things! During the first part of this year, Jayne returned to work. Typically, though, she wasn’t at work long before the hotel next door to the one she works decided to inconveniently burn to the ground. Leo started nursery and still continues to love it.

Watching Leo grow and progress over the last year has been my favourite thing. From a fairly traumatic, unplanned home birth to now where he’s chattering, crawling and to some degree, walking. Having to deal with his early onslaught of Colic was not good. Nor is still having to deal with his reflux. He is learning to walk by pushing a walker across the living room floor or one of us holding his hands, though he walks with all the grace of a Thunderbirds puppet. Or if you watch the old Softmints advert, Mr Soft is an accurate depiction of how the little blighter walks.

He’s becoming far more devious as he gets a little bit older, however does tend to give himself away a little. When he knows he’s doing something mischievous he lets off a little cackle and laugh. We hear that, we know he’s up to something. He knows he’s not allowed to play with his Grandad’s TV equipment. So detract attention away from that, he scoots to the other end of the room and collects the most exciting toy he can find and scoots back toward his Granny. At this point, she is sat in front of the TV equipment. Leo hands her said toy and whilst Granny inspects it he scoots on past her to the TV stuff that she is guarding. Not only has he picked up on the idea of decoys and deception, he does so in such a manner that you cannot help but laugh.

He’s also the master of getting to where he wants to in the fastest possible time and the shortest possible distance. He doesn’t crawl so much as drags himself along like a Commando who needs to find a medic. He shuffles along on his legs and arms but at such a rate that Usain Bolt couldn’t keep up. As the poor lady who was a potential client of the Nursery Leo goes to found out. The manager of the Nursery was showing this client around and explaining the facilities whereby at this point Leo has spotted something he wants from the other end of the room. He wants it. He’ll get it. He’s going for it! He scoots over, ploughs his way through the womans legs to grab this object. Poor woman didn’t know where to look and the staff of the Nursery found it incredibly amusing. But we always get feedback that he’s such a chilled out, yet happy little boy. Yay!

In my next little Leo tale, he doesn’t appear quite so chilled out. He’d managed to get the knife out of his plastic cutlery set off the table in the living room and disappeared with it. Only to come back in yielding it in his right hand, which was held aloft whilst scooting toward one of his teddy bears. He then proceeds to give this teddy bear a right old bollocking and shouting a right load of old verbals at him before holding this knife to the body area and stabbing the hell out of it. All I can say is he may have picked up on mine and Jayne’s love of the US hit TV series Criminal Minds.

It’s also a fantastic sight to see him playing so well with our nearest and dearest’s children, and the fact he gets on well with most people. Especially the females. He’s a right bloody tart. Anything female and regardless of his mood and he’ll turn all gooey eyed and becomes a right flirt.

So, that concludes that Leo’s birthday is my new way of seeing in a new set of twelve months. Here’s looking forward to the next year!


May 22, 2012 - Posted by | Other Stuff!

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  1. I can’t believe our baby boy will be one, tomorrow!! It has been a difficult, but rewarding year. Thank you for helping me make such a wonderful little man 🙂 xxx

    Comment by jayren06 | May 22, 2012 | Reply

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