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So, it would seem the government is back stepping out of something yet again. Only this time I’m in utter agreeance.

You see, what those cretins intended to do was reduce the frequency of MoT tests from annually to once every two years. I’m sorry, but that decision was so bad the only decision that would rival it was the man at Decca who said no to the Beatles. I would like to know what man in a suit thought that was a good idea. It simply isn’t practical. I can remember seeing cars only six months after their MoT test and the condition of the cars was shocking.

From my experience, you cannot educate pork, and most car owners are just that. You can’t tell them that certain items will need to be sorted in X number of minutes / days / weeks / months. Trying to get customers to seriously look at their advisory sheet and think about getting the work done was a job in itself. Trying to get them to have the work done that the vehicle may have failed on was something else too.

In some ways the MoT test isn’t strict enough as it is. For instance if your car has brake pipes enclosed in plastic shrouds then the tester isn’t allowed to remove the shrouds to inspect the brake pipes. Those are guidelines. If you want them checked, pay the garage the labour to remove all the ‘packaging’ and get them looked at. Or get the spanners out yourself. Otherwise, the only way you’ll know that the brake pipes have corroded to buggery is when you’ve put your foot on the middle pedal, it’s gone to the floor, you’ve hit that lovely Larch tree at sixty and your nearest and dearest will be visiting you in hospital.

Don’t expect the tester to check your sills either if your car has side skirts. He’s not allowed. Things like your ABS and traction control are checked as are many basic checks. But the fact that some cars don’t get serviced in between MoTs is firstly stupid and secondly in some cases dangerous. Would you drive your family around in a motor that’s as roadworthy as a Top Gear road test car after Clarkson has finished with it? Thought not. Your car should be serviced or at the very least checked over every 12 months irrespective of mileage.

Because of the amount of unroadworthy cars that supposedly have fresh MoTs but actually have been incorrectly tested, and the amount of electronic gizmos such as the aforementioned traction control, the government have been forced to rethink having MoT tests every two years and stick with it annually. The nail in the two year test’s coffin were the statistics. 35 million cars were MoT’d in 2010-2011. The figures from Vosa suggest a staggering 4.3 million cars (that’s 12.4%) were incorrectly tested. 10 million cars had at least one defect that wasn’t picked up. So if we’re up against this when vehicles are tested annually, where is the logic to reduce to a test every two years? There just isn’t any. MoT testing guidelines need to be seriously looked at, as do some of the testing stations and testers.

But let’s not forget that the owners of vehicles are at fault too. A lot of them need to wind their neck in and stop assuming that ALL garages and mechanics are evil, money-grabbing scum. True, some are and spoil it for the rest, but there’s a lot that are there to help you, but don’t forget they need to earn a crust and pay wages too.

The moral of this post? Keep your car regularly maintained, it’ll cost you less in the long run. Get it serviced once a year regardless. Cars that do little mileage often need servicing as much as those that do high mileage. And the next boy in a suit that suggests that the MoT should be more than a year between, punch him in the face for he is a twat. You have been warned.

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