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It's all a load of bollocks, quite frankly

I hate you all, bastards!

Let’s get one thing straight, I am not a people person. I hate people. They’re bastards, each and every one of them, myself included. Hell, I hate me! So as you can guess, I’m not an overt socialising person and hide behind my humour. Because I hate people.

Who’s on the hit list, then? Well, other than the goons that designed and manufactured the Vauxhall Corsa C, people who you have stood serving for five minutes then their phone rings. No offence mate, you’re wasting my time so if you answer that phone whilst I’m serving you I WILL FORCE FEED YOU YOUR FUCKING PHONE UNTIL YOU ARE PHYSICALLY SICK! Then I will make sure you clean up your sick with your tongue. Each and every last drop.

Laziness. I can’t abide it. Especially lazy bloody motorists. Yes I’m talking to you Mr Ford Focus driver. How about parking your car IN Tesco next time? Or better still, why not drive in the store and drive down the aisles and collect your shopping? Lazy, feckless, irritating, overweight bastard. In fact anyone with a Ford Focus MK 1 can go on that list. Just because.

And you! Yeah you in your overly clichéd German saloon car. I don’t give a flying monkey’s toss if it’s Vosprung Durch Technik or the ultimate driving machine. I hate the cars and most of all I hate the drivers, the smug, self-absorbed, self important, arrogant twats. You can smell the stench of deluded superiority a country mile away. And most people that own a German executive saloon cannot drive them for shit quite frankly.

Argumentative bastards and wankers who write blogs moaning about people. Ah. Oh fu…


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