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A very short Bono rant

My one regular reader (oh, alright, me then) should know that I hate Bono as much as I love the late, great John Entwhistle’s bass playing. I do feel a huge amount of shame mentioning Bonio in the same sentence as The Ox.

Now I do enjoy reading through publications such as Q Magazine, but only in the shop, unless it features anything Beatle, Who, Ian Broudie, New Order or Neil Finn related. Otherwise I won’t waste my money on it as it has become nothing more than a monthly pastiche of the NME, which in turn is a load of bollocks anyhow.

This month features a cover with U2 and somewhere blazened inside the usual attention-catching quotes. This particular one had something along the lines of “I know why people hate us and me”, and another with Bono trying to be humorous: “I have to live with me too”. Yes, but it’s far, far worse for the likes of me, Boner. We’re inundated with your fucking ugly, egocentric, hypocritical “awareness raising” bastard mug all over the TV, tabloids, magazines and bloody frisbees. You made yourself like it, so suck it up, bitch.

Trust me you don’t, really don’t know why people hate you. In fact you know so fucking little as to why people, me especially, hate you, your ego only being part of it. I don’t want to repeat myself from previous posts, as I don’t want to end up like a pastiche of the NME any more than I already may be. I will rant again in time about Boneheado when he appears in public (won’t be long, then).

Well, Bono, I have my own awareness-raising campaign for you (this blog) and its slogan. It’s about raising awareness that you’re a twat. The slogan is “Bono, you’re a twat!”. Are we all aware? Excellent.

Bono belongs in a select few group of people that I’d quite like to throw in the Channel Tunnel and seal it up our end and let the bloody French have them. Off you go Bono, The Edge, Phil Collins, Chris Martin, Bob Geldof, Sting, Madonna and anyone else that suffers from Lead Singer Syndrome. While we’re at it, the entire line-up of the Manic Street Preachers can go in. God I hate those self-important, self-absorbed wankers. Thankyou and goodnight!

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