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So long, old friend

Well, last weekend was quite a weekend quite frankly. Most shockingly I’d been accused of being a sexist pig by someone who I don’t know let alone even met. Now, as my wife, my friends and anyone who has met me will say that is far from the truth. Call me what you want but I am neither a sexist, nor a pig. On the contrary, I am an incredibly quiet eater. I quite resent it, especially when plastered all over Facebook because this woman couldn’t be bothered to communicate with her husband. But hey ho!

On the same day, I also had to bid a fond farewell to an old friend. A rather fine, trusty and faithful friend. It has been a grand six and a half years. Sadly and quite worryingly, I’m talking about a car. Its name? Fiat Stilo Active 16v to be precise. Our trusty steed that got us wherever we wanted to go. It got us from Cornwall to Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Scotland without a worry or issue apart from a coil pack breaking down. Once. It still got us to our destination.

It kept my long-suffering wife Jayne safe from harm when needed. It was used as a workhorse. It got used as a loan car by family members and friends when needed. It was also used as our posh car (our other car, a Corsa, can never be described as such) that we wanted to get noticed in. And last but most important – we were to bring our newborn son home from the hospital in it. That never happened as we never left home as our son decided to make an early appearance at home. And he’s been in the car a maximum of five times. And unfortunately that was the main reason for selling it. It’s not practical anymore. We need something with more doors. We need something more practical. Now don’t worry, I’m not on my way to buy an MPV, my life is far from over and as such am not requiring one just yet. Especially not one of those fucking Scenic bollocks things or one of dem well phat Shitroen Picasso pieces of wank stain.

But back to the Stilo. Apart from the usual jibes about it being a Fiat, no one that’s been in it has had a bad word to say about it. Which has made me glad in a way as if other people other than me like it, it goes to prove that the Stilo is in no way as bad as people will have you believe. Far from it. Other than largely wear and tear stuff, not much was replaced. It’s the best kept secret in the motoring world, just don’t tell everyone how good they really are. In my eyes at least, as a car it shouldn’t be in front of the firing sqiad just yet.

So what’s come up as its replacement? Well, the first option was to go down to being a one car family. That doesn’t work. So in the mean time, whilst we wait for the Corsa (and God am I waiting, as that will be replaced by something top notch and hopefully Italian) to expire and child number 2 to appear, the Stilo has been replaced by something Italian again. The Lancia Delta I wanted was sold before I got a chance to say Lancia Delta. I wanted a break from Alfas as repairing it would mean going to my old place of employment, which ain’t happening. So it’s another Fiat. A 2001 Punto 1.2 finished in Astral Blue to be precise. It’s nothing special. It’s a basic, poverty spec Punto with black bumpers and some seats. It’s not going to win any races or awards for best equipped car in the land. But it looks smart and drives well. Stay tuned for its first breakdown…


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