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Manners and Consideration

Just a small rant today. Recently I have been wound up by humanity more than ever. The sheer ignorance, lack of manners and lack of consideration for other people knows no bounds. I saw this to such a degree on Saturday when I went shopping.  The thing is, it surely must take more effort to be a complete twat with no consideration for other people than to be otherwise. In my job you meet all kinds of people, and generally most of them are rude, ignorant bastards. Very few are really genuine, nice, pleasant people.

One of  my pet hates is shopping. Food shopping. I abhor food shopping. Generally serving up my appendix with a plate of chips would be more appealing and hence why we do most of our shopping online so I don’t have to interact with people in general. Hell, listening to 4 and a half minutes of U2 would be preferable. That to you may sound rude but it isn’t. I will say hello to someone I’ve never met. If someone says hello to me I will respond with equal salutation. However, for one reason or another, our shopping wasn’t done online. It meant we had to go out. Of the house. Yeah.

So, the arrival at the supermarket car park met with the first part of people being inconsiderate. For a start, when you have a baby, the amount of shite you have to carry around with you is, quite frankly, immense. So, supermarkets have a certain area for people like us which are called “Parent and Child Parking Bays”. Generally that means parents with children should only park in them. Not fat, ignorant wankers in Renault bloody Meganes who are too fucking lazy to walk a little bit more than three feet. Woopdy do, you have two shopping bags worth of chips, chocolate and beer to take back to your car. In fact of all of the cars parked in these bays, only three seemed to have any clue that the owners of the vehicles had children. I mean, for bloody hell’s sake one of them was a two-seat Mazda sports car. The ideal car of choice for parents and children.

Next I was behind a car, indicating and starting to reverse to a parking space, only for some cock in an Audi to drive the wrong way up the car park and park in the bay I was about to enter. Fucking knobend. I swear if my wife and child weren’t in the car I would have got out, towed his car away and had the fucker crushed, just for him being a smarmy cock in an Audi with all the manners of a dead parrot. But as wife and son were all aboard, I decided to just raise my arms, do a wanker sign, and only then did he see the great big orange indicator flashing, and the great big bright reversing lights on and decided to move on.

Inside the store, being cut up by people who cannot steer trolleys (how hard can that really be?) and generally staff that look at you as if you’re a pile of dog shite they’ve just stepped in. People that barge past you to get that item on the shelf that is right in front of you but can’t wait for them to pick it up for 15 seconds as you move out of the way. I’m not expecting everyone to be happy-go-lucky all of the time. Principally because I’m not, and generally that is an impossibility. However, manners don’t cost anything. Being more considerate to others doesn’t take any extra time. World, get off your high fucking horse and be slightly more pleasant.

(whose new mission as well as destroying Bono now includes destroying Audis and people who park in parent bays who don’t have children. Lord alone help you if you don’t have children but have an Audi and parks in one)


July 19, 2011 - Posted by | Rants

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