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Another rant… about Bono! Who knew?

Mr B. Ono-Twat

We couldn't spell "Oi'm an overpaid, egotistical wanker" so we made do with "Twat"

Well, not so much a rant as so much a gloat. Imagine my delight / disdain when I turn on my computer this morning and point my web browser in the general direction of the nearest news site, only to be greeted by news stories of Bono. I thought wonderful, I can write another rant on my arch-nemesis. But hold on, for this entry I can take a day off as I have no need to.

It seems the British public will be giving their own views at a summer festival. You see U2 are headlining Glastonbury, God help us all. They were due to headline last year but Bono fell over and hurt his back. However, this year U2’s set may not go according to plan as a bunch of campaigners are planning to hold protests during their set. An activist group called “Art Uncut” plan to demonstrate throughout the band’s set over their decision to move their business affairs to the Netherlands from Ireland.

A spokesman for Art Uncut has said “Bono claims to care about the developing world, but U2 greedily indulges in the very kind of tax avoidance which is crippling the poor nations of this world. We will be showing the very real impact of U2’s tax avoidance on hospitals and schools in Ireland. Anyone watching (the Glastonbury protest) will be very much aware that Bono needs to pay up”.

A spokesman for Bono may have said something, but I lost interest half way through.

A spokesman for the Andrex Extra Soft Blog Roll later commented “Bono is a nauseating, hypocritical, greedy, overpaid, egotistical wanker.”


June 6, 2011 - Posted by | Rants

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