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Chevrolet Matiz 0.8 SE

I like small, basic cars if done properly. Stuff like the original Mini, the Fiat Panda, Suzuki Swift. Honest-to-God, no frills motoring but with an added factor of zest and fun. Unfortunately, not everyone gets it right. Every now and then, a real turd chunk of a car comes along that has no real business existing. And this is one of them.

What is it then? Well, a Chevrolet Matiz is actually a Daewoo Matiz with different badges. General Motors owns both Daewoo and Chevrolet and once upon a time, someone in GM thought Daewoo had an image problem. Daewoo was synonymous with making microwave ovens and that wasn’t on. The idea was to make Daewoos appeal to young people. Sadly, the idea of making cars in the first place that actually appealed to anyone was lost on everyone. What they did though, and this is genius, is decide to keep the entire Daewoo range of turd chunks and rename them as Chevrolet! Result!

So, the scene is set. You’re young, you want to get girls. To most young blokes’ thinking, the best way to get a girl in your bed is to pull them with a decent motor. So when you’re throwing your keys in the air whilst saying “Want a ride in my Chevvy?” be prepared for some laughter when the girl realises you do not have a Corvette and in fact what you have is a poxy little Korean car with a Chevrolet badge sellotaped to the bonnet. You may as well say “I’ve got herpes”.

So, now you’ve embarrassed yourself enough to never, ever pick up a girl again, what is the Chevvy like then? Horrid. Absolutely horrid. It handles like a Daddy-long-legs, has as much performance as a tortoise and what is the deal with that interior? Surely it must take more effort to get something that looks that abysmal. Daechevroletwoo must have scoured the earth for the materials. I’m talking literally here – it feels in some places as crumbly as mud. The dashboard itself feels like it’s made out of tracing paper.

I will grant that the Daechev is a relatively practical car, with five doors. But the cabin is narrow and the boot space is not particularly big. You will also find that the little Matiz is cheap to buy and cheap to run. But answer me this, are you so desperate for a cheap car? Do you really need something this cheap? Yes it is cheap, but so is walking. So is buying non-biological washing powder, and after the roadtest I was thinking as a mode of transport, non-bio washing powder would make more sense. Buy a second hand Fabia or Ford Ka if you want cheap. If you want new and I know I keep coming back to this, but buy a Fiat Panda. It’s a much better car than the Daechev could ever be. You have been warned…
Plus points: It’s cheap….
Minus points: …. it’s crap.
Best model in the Matiz range to buy: Erm, Fiat Panda 1.1 Active.


May 14, 2011 - Posted by | Motoring

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