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The Ronald McDonald House – A Reminder

You didn’t think I’d let up that easily did you? We’ve launched a Facebook page – Cornwall’s Fundraising For the Ronald McDonald House, Bristol. You can get to it via this ‘ere link. We’ve amalgamated all the links to the donation page and all the background information on why this charity means so much to us.

But I’ll remind you anyway of why the RMH Bristol has come to mean so much to us. Long story short, at the beginning of March, mine and my wife’s dear friend’s youngest son Callan (our godson) had to be rushed into hospital with respiratory distress. There was nothing our local hospital could do so he had to be transferred to the Paediatric Intensive Care unit in Bristol children’s Hospital. We had no idea how ill Callan would be and how long he would be in hospital, or indeed whether he would survive. See Kat’s blog here for the full low-down.

With this kind of stress, the last thing anyone needs to worry about is accommodation, especially in a city like Bristol where the cheapest hotel rooms can be around the £75 per night mark IF you can get a room. And as mentioned, you never know how long your child is likely to stay in hospital. Whether you are from Cornwall, Birmingham or London and your child is critically ill you could end up in Bristol. If you look at it that way, it’s an awful long way from home.

The Ronald McDonald House was set up as a charity to take the sting out of accommodation for parents of sick babies and children. They provide accommodation. A warm bed so parents can be near to their children. Cooking, bathroom and laundry facilities. Tea, coffee. Parents who are in the same sort of circumstances – the ability to talk to one another. It all helps, and is provided free of charge. However, if the donations stop, the house closes down. So, please go to our page on Facebook and join in with us as we venture to find new ways of raising money for these great people. Become a part of our team and create awareness. And please make a donation. You’ll find the donation page here and also on the Facebook group. Even a £1 will pay for a box of tea bags, or even milk.

A big thanks to everyone who has made a donation. We’re currently at £330 excluding Gift Aid contribution. We can do better than that. So, please share the links, create awareness and most of all make a donation. Thankyou for reading.

Cornwall’s Fundraising for The Ronald McDonald House, Bristol

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