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It's all a load of bollocks, quite frankly


Adrian Chiles has blamed too much hype for the initial failure of ITV breakfast TV programmabob “Daybreak”. What?!?!? How can too much hype be the problem? The problem is more along the lines that it is an utter pile of shite. I didn’t particularly care much for GMTV when it was being broadcast, but please give me Penny Smith doing her stuff over this dross.

But the main reason for the failure of Daybreak? Adrian Chiles himself. I’ve never seen a more wooden, yet amazingly self-satisfied presenter on the box. He has as much personality as a broken fence. If I were ever invited to a dinner party and the guest list included Adrian Chiles and the aforementioned section of fence, I’d keep company with the fence, thanks. At least something interesting would happen, like I’d get a splinter in my thumb or something. Which is infinitely better than Adrian Chiles’ face, which ironically looks like a thumb that’s been splintered. And yet the ITV keep giving him jobs! He’s a fucking football pundit now! What next? He’ll be selling you loans, Cillit Bang and bloody dishwasher tablets.

There isn’t much reason, in my humble opinion, for ITV to exist. Even less now with this twat taking over. Charlie Brooker is right, TV has ruined my life. Or at least any TV that features this buffoon. Over and out. The End. Etc….


February 16, 2011 - Posted by | Rants

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