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Kia Ora!

Please excuse the Maori greeting as this post has nothing to do with New Zealand. It is, in fact, to do with a motor car built by a Korean car manufacturer.

The Kia Rio in fact. There’s a new model coming out which normally to me would be as interesting as a conversation with a chartered accountant. The old Kia Rio was a nasty little car. Nothing more that a white goods type of machine. Horrid to drive, not particularly pleasant to look. People would think you were a the kind of person that jumped up and down on a tooth paste tube for two hours to get the last little bit out, rather than spending 75 pence on a new tube at your local supermarket. In fact, the same could really be said for the entire Kia range until recently. Not one single car in the range appealed to me.

However, after doing my Sunday morning routine of checking the internet and looking at various online motoring publications one particular car jumped out at me. No, not the new Ferrari FF, or the latest Audi, Mercedes-Benz or Porsche. The new Kia Rio. I’m as surprised at this as you are. I really like it. It’s nothing outlandish, it’s just a smart-looking, Fiesta-sized supermini. Kia have been on a bit of a roll recently with product quality improving all the time, and some genuinely reasonable cars of late. The Cee’d (or the Reasonably Priced Car on Top Gear to you or I) is a genuinely capable car which is well built, looks ok and is good to drive. If this new Rio can replicate what its bigger brother the Cee’d has done, we could see a fair few of these on the road.

New 1.4 and 1.6 petrol and diesel engines are to be fitted, as is a super economical 1.1 68bhp four-cylinder diesel. Also tipped is a 1.2 direct injection turbo petrol. It’s to be based on Hyundai i20 underpinnings which if any reports to go by is it’s easy to drive, if a little uninspiring. The i20, though, has an impressive reliability record and safety equipment and if the new Rio comes with Kia’s impressive warranty package I’m sure they’ll have a winner on their hands. I just hope the photos shown below are the final product – if it is, I’d rather have this than a Polo, Ibiza, Fiesta or Corsa any day of the week. Still not quite enough to tempt me away from an Alfa Mito, though.



February 13, 2011 - Posted by | Motoring

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